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Nov 7, 09 6:36 PM
Oct 27, 09 11:45 AM
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Welcome to Dark Vengeance!

This website is for members of the Dark Vengeance guild on WoW's Medivh server. Please fill out a member application by clicking the [New User] link at the top of the page. Once your application is approved you will be able to access the member only information. Turn around time on acceptance will vary as webmaster time is available. Please be patient!

Please use the name of your main toon in the guild as your User Name for this website.
If the system informs you that name is taken, please use a variation (for example, if MyName doesn't work try MyName DV or MyName WoW). This makes it simpler for everyone to figure out who is replying or asking questions on the site.

This guild was designed to be "member friendly" in that we try to help each other out, chat together, run instances together, etc. We are moving to a new phase of the higher end raids, but that doesn't change the basic premise of the guild. Please respect other members and their time. Simply having a level 70 toon does not mean that member must carry you through the game. We all need help at times, but repeated runs is not the answer to learning your class and having fun.

If you have any questions about anything on this website, contact Azandrielle. For now, she's winging this alone. Eventually, she will need assistance maintaining the website, so if you enjoy that and are proficient, please offer any assistance you are able. No one person is capable of doing everything, which is the entire purpose of having a guild structure!
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Karynne-Ysera, Nov 7, 09 6:36 PM.
To become a member just talk with anyone in Dark Vengeance and they will send you to the right person if need be.


Karynne-Ysera, Oct 27, 09 11:45 AM.
Dark Vengeance is now raiding on Saturday nights, come and join us....
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